Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Rest In Peace.

I am no longer unemployed (thanks to the big guy upstairs) but my life ends as of my first official day of work plus uni.

Lots of craaaazzzyyy things happened over summer but one thing I've learned is that independence is the best thing ever...really...try it...

Anyway, the main reason I've posted is to shout out to someone who I've lost, rather someone who has lost themselves; someone who has lost their mind.

You were important, kind of a jerk sometimes but you were someone who got things done and if it wasn't for the seva god gave you, we would all be at home most days of the week twiddling our thumbs instead of getting lahaa at kirtan programs. No I'm not giving YOU all the weren't even stable enough to handle this HUGE and IMPORTANT seva...which is why you ALWAYS had to run away...then come back for a while...then leave...then come back...and so forth. We all got used to this regular occurance but now that you have left us for good, (not just us, but the Guru himself), we all want you to come back. I hope you get out of this weird state you're in and whatever this stunt is...I hope you survive the backlash that you're getting. Don't just come back for us but for your own wellbeing and for the Guru.

Lesson learned: people aren't what they appear to be...everyone is just a puppet, a toy, an actor/actress a hand maiden to the One who is, in turn, the director, producer, writer and creator of the show.

Ok, so this was a really random post...but the main point is, is that every individual being has their own connection to the Guru/Waheguru/God which is special....a bond that can be strong, mediocre, weak, or could even potentially break. It is this bond that we have to work on individually...(this is really a message to myself...I haven't worked a day in my life!)

Now that I've finished sounding like an after school special...I leave you with the following:

Yup...that poor character is me...if I were a middle aged white woman with blonde