Sunday, December 21, 2008


"Other than that, iSikhi is ready for distribution. We're currently doing beta testing and estimate the initial release to be somewhere in mid November, 2008"

C' you gonna play me like that!?
Its almost Christmas!


Friday, November 28, 2008

My oh My...

The sexy pouty lip pose is very common among teenaged women in not so candid photographic images. It involves a pouty lip facial expression with the ever so common right hand behind the head in addition to projecting certain areas of the body for emphasis.
sigh...I'm very dissapointed in seeing my sisters sell themselves out all over the internets...especially on social networking sites (yes...THE social networking site *ehem*)
Wearing bana is such a privelege...but too often we take it for granted (especially moi). I know we aren't perfect but it doesn't hurt to try...
I mean...the low cut shirts, the wierd poses...why intentionally sell yourself short especially when you post hundreds of the pictures yourselves?
Singhneea!!! Wake up!!! (I don't mean to lecture you but this time I gotta...)
Maybe it helps you feel nimarta, letting the world know of your crazy wild adventerous side, but honestly, you have no that really the same girl that taught at a camp not too long ago, or is that the girl that does kirtan so beautifully?
Is it really worth destroying your image?
Do you honestly need all these silly pictures? A normal one would do fine wouldn't it?
There is no way to justify it. One cannot imagine puratan Singhneea engaging in such things. I cannot imagine Mai Bhago Ji in the "poses" common today. She would most definately keep her dignity which made her a very gorgeous being.
You are the future...your actions now will be brought forth later on so why taint your image? Are you not the daughter of the Guru (or atleast trying to be?)
You're awsome, wicked cool in fact...I'm sure your future Singh would appreciate you more if you weren't famous on the internet (for all the wrong reasons)...
Anyways, my opinion is probably worthless in fact I too am guilty of the wierd poses but since I am in the same boat, lets try to become better together :)

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Its freakin' cold. That pretty much sums it up....
If you suffer from seasonal depression (like I THINK I do lol)...
then you must feel down everytime it gets dark at 4 breaks my heart...really it does... :(
Or when your poor car is covered in snow which you must clean with the sleeve of your jacket cause you took your brush out in the summer and forgot to relocate it...*tear*
sigh...what to do when old man winter comes and screws you over....
aahhh Guru has the answer of course! :)
Search up Baarah Maahaa Maajh written by Guru Arjan Dev Sahib Ji...
The months of "Poh" and "Magh" are particularily cold as they fall from December to February...
You can read up on Nanakshahi months and their dates here....if you like....

In the meantime...

pokh thukhaar n viaapee ka(n)t(h) miliaa har naahu
In the month of Poh, the cold does not touch those, whom the Husband Lord hugs close in His Embrace.

man baedhhiaa charanaarabi(n)dh dharasan lagarraa saahu
Their minds are transfixed by His Lotus Feet. They are attached to the Blessed Vision of the Lord's Darshan.

outt govi(n)dh gopaal raae saevaa suaamee laahu
Seek the Protection of the Lord of the Universe; His service is truly profitable.

bikhiaa pohi n sakee mil saadhhoo gun gaahu
Corruption shall not touch you, when you join the Holy Saints and sing the Lord's Praises.

jeh thae oupajee theh milee sachee preeth samaahu
From where it originated, there the soul is blended again. It is absorbed in the Love of the True Lord.

kar gehi leenee paarabreham bahurr n vishhurreeaahu
When the Supreme Lord God grasps someone's hand, he shall never again suffer separation from Him.

baar jaao lakh baereeaa har sajan agam agaahu
I am a sacrifice, 100,000 times, to the Lord, my Friend, the Unapproachable and Unfathomable.
saram pee naaraaeinai naanak dhar peeaahu
Please preserve my honor, Lord; Nanak begs at Your Door.

pokh suoha(n)dhaa sarab sukh jis bakhasae vaeparavaahu 11
Poh is beautiful, and all comforts come to that one, whom the Carefree Lord has forgiven. 11

So maybe this depression we feel is because we aren't near to Him...not near to the close embrace of His hug...that would make us warm and comfertable....perhaps we should seek his protection by joining the holy saints and sing...become a sacrifice to Him not once but 100,000 times...beg at His door and seek the carefree one's forgiveness....

Easy said than done....

Lets push away the snow and ice covering our minds and souls....underneath is the car that drives us all.... that was cheesy....wanna fight about it?

Here's a cartoon...
(not very clear but I tried...)

p.s. anyone else as excited for the release of iSikhi? I hope it comes soon....Click Me

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Rest In Peace.

I am no longer unemployed (thanks to the big guy upstairs) but my life ends as of my first official day of work plus uni.

Lots of craaaazzzyyy things happened over summer but one thing I've learned is that independence is the best thing ever...really...try it...

Anyway, the main reason I've posted is to shout out to someone who I've lost, rather someone who has lost themselves; someone who has lost their mind.

You were important, kind of a jerk sometimes but you were someone who got things done and if it wasn't for the seva god gave you, we would all be at home most days of the week twiddling our thumbs instead of getting lahaa at kirtan programs. No I'm not giving YOU all the weren't even stable enough to handle this HUGE and IMPORTANT seva...which is why you ALWAYS had to run away...then come back for a while...then leave...then come back...and so forth. We all got used to this regular occurance but now that you have left us for good, (not just us, but the Guru himself), we all want you to come back. I hope you get out of this weird state you're in and whatever this stunt is...I hope you survive the backlash that you're getting. Don't just come back for us but for your own wellbeing and for the Guru.

Lesson learned: people aren't what they appear to be...everyone is just a puppet, a toy, an actor/actress a hand maiden to the One who is, in turn, the director, producer, writer and creator of the show.

Ok, so this was a really random post...but the main point is, is that every individual being has their own connection to the Guru/Waheguru/God which is special....a bond that can be strong, mediocre, weak, or could even potentially break. It is this bond that we have to work on individually...(this is really a message to myself...I haven't worked a day in my life!)

Now that I've finished sounding like an after school special...I leave you with the following:

Yup...that poor character is me...if I were a middle aged white woman with blonde

Friday, July 25, 2008


Got this in an email...thought I'd share it.

"There's a reason why you should never put yourself down, as a daughter of Guru Gobind Singh and a creation of the almighty, limitless creator, Akaal Purakh Vaaheguru. Don't ever forget that the blood that is pumping your sad heart today is filled with Amrit Naam of those Panj Pyare that gifted you with Eternal Death - Dhan Dhan Bhai Daya Singh, Dhan Dhan Bhai Dharm Singh, Dhan Dhan Bhai Himmat Singh, Dhan Dhan Bhai Mohkam Singh, Dhan Dhan Bhai Sahib Singh. Don't ever forget that the veins traveling from your brain to your toes, and everywhere in between, are laced with the same Immortal Nectar drunk by martyrs like Mata Bhag Kaur, Bhai Mani Singh, Baba Gurbachan Singh ji Manochahal, Bhai Amrik Singh, Bhai Surinder Singh Sodhi, Bibi Satnaam Kaur & Bibi Vaaheguru Kaur, Azaad Shernee Bibi Deep Kaur Ji, Baba Deep Singh ji who fought with no head, and the small-bodied Bachittar Singh who killed a massive, drunken elephant in one blow of his naagni barcha... What difference is there between you and them? You have the same Father - Guru Gobind Singh, whose eyes, according to Bhai Land Naal Ji, are so beautiful and luminous that they provide light to the entire night's sky...

man thoo(n) joth saroop hai aapanaa mool pashhaan
O my mind, you are the embodiment of the Divine Light - recognize your own origin.

Even though every one of us can make mistakes, even though no one is free of mistakes, Akaal Purakh still fashioned our body and breathed air into it. He weaved each beautiful, long hair into your scalp and blessed your body with the radiance of Naam, happiness, innocence, powerful strength, and wisdom. He has given you, as His daughter, the energy to create, preserve, and destroy. You have come onto the Maarag of Guru Gobind Singh with countless tap (intense meditation), bhagti (remembrance of God), and ardaas (humble prayer) from previous lifetimes. You are BLESSED, not DOOMED! You are PURE, not DIRTY! You are BEAUTIFUL, not ugly! You are a vision of VAAHEGURU, not a vision of Maya! You are a ROYAL PRINCE that commands the Khalsa Armies, not a pauper... You have come here to change your Self, and in turn, change the world around you. You have come here to wake up, not to fall asleep. You have come here to recognize that the distance dividing your Union with Vaaheguru is thinner than the wings of a butterfly...

bhaa(n)bheeree kae paath paradho bin paekhae dhooraaeiou 3
There is a veil between us, like the wings of a butterfly; without being able to see Him, He seems so far away. 3

Sometimes we fall in our path of Sikhi; we lose our Amrit Vela, we engage in the 5 Vices (lust, anger, greed, pride, and attachment), we look in the mirror and punish the Beautiful Form that Akaal Purakh gave us by saying it's not good enough... Still, sisters, there is a reason why we can not put ourselves down. There is a reason why we must be content with our every step, our every day, there is a reason why we must love each other and love our selves <3.

man thoo(n) joth saroop hai aapanaa mool pashhaan
O my mind, you are the embodiment of the Divine Light - recognize your own origin.

man har jee thaerai naal hai guramathee ra(n)g maan
O my mind, the Dear Lord is with you; through the Guru's Teachings, enjoy His Love.

mool pashhaanehi thaa(n) sahu jaanehi maran jeevan kee sojhee hoee
Acknowledge your origin, and then you shall know your Husband Lord, and so understand death and birth.

gur parasaadhee eaeko jaanehi thaa(n) dhoojaa bhaao n hoee
By Guru's Grace, know the One; then, you shall not love any other.

man saa(n)th aaee vajee vadhhaaee thaa hoaa paravaan
Peace comes to the mind, and gladness resounds; then, you shall be acclaimed.

eio kehai naanak man thoo(n) joth saroop hai apanaa mool pashhaan 5
Thus says Nanak: O my mind, you are the very image of the Luminous Lord; recognize the true origin of your self. 5

There is no limit to what you can achieve, to what you can be, to what good you can create, to what evil you can destroy... There is no limit to your capacity, if you accept Akaal Purakh Vaaheguru as your only friend, your only love, your only support, and stop turning to others. You are the very image of Guru Gobind Singh ji, the very image of Mata Sahib Kaur ji, the very image of Vaaheguru. Whether you want to get a new job, whether you want to finish Dasam Granth Santhiya, whether you want to become a Gatka Ustaad - Believe in the power of Vaaheguru that is sitting within. he sent you here for a reason :) and its your job to discover that reason. akaal sahai"

See, He always comes through :)
Bout of depression over.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Rain Rain Go Away! won't stop.
Yeah, it was beautiful at first (about 2 weeks ago) but now its just ridiculous...there's still days of it to come, perhaps even another week :('s a shabad about rain:

maajh mehalaa 5
Maajh, Fifth Mehla:
paarabreham prabh maegh pat(h)aaeiaa
The Supreme Lord God has unleashed the rain clouds.
jal thhal meheeal dheh dhis varasaaeiaa
Over the sea and over the land-over all the earth's surface, in all directions, He has brought the rain.
saa(n)th bhee bujhee sabh thrisanaa anadh bhaeiaa sabh t(h)aaee jeeo 1
Peace has come, and the thirst of all has been quenched; there is joy and ecstasy everywhere. 1
sukhadhaathaa dhukh bha(n)janehaaraa
He is the Giver of Peace, the Destroyer of pain.
aapae bakhas karae jeea saaraa
He gives and forgives all beings.
apanae keethae no aap prathipaalae pae pairee thisehi manaaee jeeo 2
He Himself nurtures and cherishes His Creation. I fall at His Feet and surrender to Him. 2
jaa kee saran paeiaa gath paaeeai
Seeking His Sanctuary, salvation is obtained.
saas saas har naam dhhiaaeeai
With each and every breath, I meditate on the Lord's Name.
this bin hor n dhoojaa t(h)aakur sabh thisai keeaa jaaee jeeo 3
Without Him, there is no other Lord and Master. All places belong to Him. 3
thaeraa maan thaan prabh thaeraa
Yours is the Honor, God, and Yours is the Power.
thoo(n) sachaa saahib gunee gehaeraa
You are the True Lord and Master, the Ocean of Excellence.
naanak dhaas kehai baena(n)thee aat(h) pehar thudhh dhhiaaee jeeo 43441
Servant Nanak utters this prayer: may I meditate on You twenty-four hours a day. 43441

Ok, maybe I shouldn't complain...
lesson learned.

(Btw...whoh maharaj wrote aaaalot of bani in reference to rain, run a search!)

Friday, June 6, 2008

A Night of Inspiration

I was fortunate enough to make it to Snatam Kaur's concert last night. Let me just say...mindblowing.
It's amazing how many new faces came, people who may have never even heard the word "Waheguru" in their lifetime but got to experience it through Snatam Kaur and company's performance.
Throughout the night, she performed various shabads and before each one, she explained the meanings and the history behind it and left the audience to experience the bani at a whole new level. We even heard some dasam bani and did some yoga.
Usually, not everyone at kirtan programs sing along when simran is being done but last night, people of different faiths and backgrounds were doing simran so loud and with so much love! The whole room was vibrating! Waheguru!
It was great to hear about the various experiences she had with Sri Singh Sahib Yogi Bhajan, some were quite entertaining.
Anywho, if she is in your area, please do not hesitate to attend her concert. Sometimes we are afraid of opening up to new things and therefore, anything we're not used to we tend to push away. Personally, I'm glad this is one thing I've grown to accept; that there are different ways of experiencing Guru, He'll lead you to it.
I hope that Maharaj blesses her with more seva and that she continues to inspire and spread Sikhi to all types of people.
"Let go of your perfections and imperfections, let the one who created you take care of that.
Let go. Let Him."
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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Anniversary, may 29, marks my one year anniversary. It's been one whole year since Guru Sahib gave the gift of a dastaar (turban). And it's been one heck of a year...
Some experiences:
1) If you are a girl, it is extremely difficult to overcome obstacles that might come in your way but even if you don't have the support of your family, Guru Sahib is always there to be your anchor and support. If you didn't tie your crown because you really didn't feel it on the inside, then depression is a factor but the only way to overcome it is to be grateful and to realize that the only person's opinion that matters is His.
2) Being in a predominately white and might I say somewhat racist city in the country of [insert name here], tying a dastaar proved difficult only because of the Punjabi people that I've met. It's almost as if your own kind hates that you're trying improve yourself Sikhi wise because I have never got such disgusted looks or rude comments from anyone else, just awkward smiles.
3) No, I do not represent my Guru the way that I should and just because I tie a dastaar doesn't mean I'm a supersant singhni...if anything, it gives me strength and new experiences everyday...which has only come by His kindness.
There's no way that I deserved this gift after over a decade later of really begging for it...
But He'll be there...always...

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Oh My!

So I've been meaning to organize my room for a while but I never quite got around to doing it due to unforeseen really...I wasn't being lazy THIS time lol. As soon as I entered through the door...this happened...

Yes my friends...I was swallowed by my own wardrobe...and that was only a quarter of the pile! But don't worry...I lived to tell this story...luckily, Super Singh Jr was there to rescue me :)

And just in time too! I thought I was a goner for sure...

Now to get back to organizing :(

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Dear Idiot Mind

You will die soon and then you will regret everything you've done.
Everything from going back to sleep to thinking about how cute that guy looks.
I heard that Dharamraj doesnt take too kindly to people like you, so what are you gonna say when he reads you your account?
Ha, is that so? You're going to deny it all even if he as the evidence on tape?
No, those arent paid actors you fool! It's really you!
You better smarten up mister, unless you want some evil scary black things to beat your ass for eternity, got it?
Yah right, dont make any false promises...
Look, its easy...all you have to do is shut up...
Watch me close my mouth and make no sound, are you watching?


See, not so hard is it?

kabeer maaroo
raam simar pashhuthaahigaa man
Meditate in remembrance on the Lord, or else you will regret it in the end, O mind.
paapee jeearaa lobh karath hai aaj kaal out(h) jaahigaa 1 rehaao
O sinful soul, you act in greed, but today or tomorrow, you will have to get up and leave. 1Pause
laalach laagae janam gavaaeiaa maaeiaa bharam bhulaahigaa
Clinging to greed, you have wasted your life, deluded in the doubt of Maya.
dhhan joban kaa garab n keejai kaagadh jio gal jaahigaa 1
Do not take pride in your wealth and youth; you shall crumble apart like dry paper. 1
jo jam aae kaes gehi pattakai thaa dhin kishh n basaahigaa
When the Messenger of Death comes and grabs you by the hair, and knocks you down, on that day, you shall be powerless.
simaran bhajan dhaeiaa nehee keenee tho mukh chottaa khaahigaa 2
You do not remember the Lord, or vibrate upon Him in meditation, and you do not practice compassion; you shall be beaten on your face. 2
dhharam raae jab laekhaa maagai kiaa mukh lai kai jaahigaa
When the Righteous Judge of Dharma calls for your account, what face will you show Him then?
kehath kabeer sunahu rae sa(n)thahu saadhhasa(n)gath thar jaa(n)higaa 31
Says Kabeer, listen, O Saints: in the Saadh Sangat, the Company of the Holy, you shall be saved. 31

Read it again...I know you skimmed over it

Ok, now this is what you have to do:
practice compassion (you know, be nice...)
remember the Lord, vibrate on Him in meditation (thats an important one, bol Waheguru!)
"How do I do it?" you say...
Well, read the last bit of the shabad...
Saadh sangat shall save you...

Saadh sangat shall save you!!!!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Crunch Time

Can't wait for my last exam to be over...stressed to the max! So far I've spent 16 hours in the uni library over the past three days but have only managed to finish 3 out of 7 long chapters. Is it normal to get hunger headaches even after you've eaten? I really do hope so...
The pindrop silence here sucks sometimes, especially when the clouds of dust from petrifying books makes me sneeze those big manly sneezes of mine...
I fear that the other last minute crammers are thinking "why wont this turbaned woman shut up?" haha
Perhaps my stress is the result of skipping the entire semester's course due to unforseen circumstances (ok, maybe I was just being lazy and didnt bother...can you blame me? :P )
Anywho, this post provided me with a nice break...soon I will let the imaginary people who read this blog know about my shananagins that occur post-exam I leave you with a random picture...
Waheguru. Bichara..he really misses me...

Monday, April 14, 2008

Kes Kes Kes Long Beautiful Kes

Recently there has been a lot of posts on sikhi forums about facial kes and bibia.

Firstly, I would like to say kudos to those brave sisters who keep every hair on their body intact and untouched. May Guru Sahib continue to give you the strength to look passed society's idea of beauty. However, for those sisters who havent, hair can grow back so may He also give you the strength to one day keep the roop He intends you to.
Keeping all of our hair intact is a fundamental part of our religion. Now before you say blah blah blah who cares i know this already: think about it! Here's a bit of a scientific approach: every folicle of hair on your body is like an electric wire that connects you to Waheguru, so the more hair, the stronger connection we have when we meditate on naam. Stronger connection you say!? Tell me more! Sorry, I wish I had more knowledge on the matter.

Ok, now here are some personal experiences:

Removal of kes is quite common among amritdhari bibia but the only difference is, is that we tend to forget that it is a bujjar kurheit. Yah whatever, I know its bad, so whats your point? My point is that one cannot cover this up with excuse after excuse. For example, there is the ever so common, "Guru Ji will forgive me, he KNOWS how hard it is..."
Trust me, I had alot of excuses and even though I hadn't even removed my kes, I stood up for others who did using the same redundant excuses. "She has hormonal problems" or "who cares, she is still the same person inside". I don't feel guilty about supporting them though because they were going through a rough time. Not only were they depressed because of their long kes, now they were depressed about removing it!

It all started when high school arrived and at that time a girl tries to realize who she is and where she belongs. Bleaching first came to my mind so one night it was finally going to happen at a friends house. I watched as some of my amritdhari friends spread the bright white cream all over their faces. I watched even more intently when they washed it off. Now here's the amazing part: as soon as I was about to step up to the plate, there was no more cream left! Waheguru! So I went home thinking ah no big deal, maybe later...

Later did come, but later was in a different form, a more painful form. Another friend of mine made up her mind to remove her bleached facial kes with a laser, how exciting! She talked me into getting it done too. "You dont have much hair so if you do it now no one will notice". Pretty pursuasive right? Although I was crumbling under the weight of peer pressure, with Guru's kirpa, a part of me felt it was horribly wrong. After talking to another friend, she helped me realize my condition so what did I do next? Well since I was unsure if Guru Ji was ok with this decision, why not ask Him directly? The answer came when I was soon going to travel to a city where I usually go to for smagams but now it was a city where I would ultimately face my doom. Turns out my peer pressuring friend went through with it and I ended up going somewhere else that night, perhaps a kirtan program but my memory is fuzzy. Again, whats my point?

I simply wasn't meant to remove my kes BUT this revelation isnt just for this random girl sitting on her computer typing away, its for everyone. We just arent meant to.
And there were many experiences similar to the ones above, where you swim in an ocean of doubt and Maharaj grabs you by the arm and pulls you out JUST when you are about to drown.




Sunday, April 13, 2008


May Guru bless us on this special occasion. It was such an uplifting experience to see the sangat today at gurudwara. Everyone in their bright orange, blue and white banaa. Waheguru. Radiant faces, especially of those blessed souls who were about to enter the amrit sanchar. Days like this make up for all of the ones I've wasted not realizing how enthusiastic and proud our panth is; to step on to the Guru's path with his grace. Dhan Guru Gobind Singh Sahib Ji!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

flickr fierceness...

Need i say more?
Thank you to all of my creative brothers and sisters out there who take the time to upload their masterpieces on flickr...seriously, how else would I spend my time between school and sleeptime? Your pictures mean alot to me and I really appreciate every before I get mushy (I think I might already have he he), some images I really love:

autoretrato-Self portrait

By Dashmesh Kaur

Golden Temple Dips

By Gurumustuk Singh Khalsa

These are only 2 of the many many many images I love. If it wasn't so hard to upload pictures to this thing...I would add many of Pardeep Singh's masterpieces.
So to all of you gifted photogs out there...keep clicking away at Waheguru's creation...
Stay fierce!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Dhan Guru

Waheguru Ji...what an amazing weekend! Thank you Guru Ji for blessing us with the sangat of such Gursikhs.
Disease after disease and running around in circles, I finally realized my me keep my hopes in you, may I never doubt you or falter in any way.

Dhan Dhan Sri Guru Arjan Dev Sahib Ji:

jis kaa than man dhhan sabh this kaa soee sugharr sujaanee
Body, mind, wealth and everything belong to Him; He alone is all-wise and all-knowing.

thin hee suniaa dhukh sukh maeraa tho bidhh neekee khattaanee 1
He listens to my pains and pleasures, and then my condition improves. 1

Waheguru. How could I falter when everything belongs to you? How could I falter or doubt you when you're the one who listens to my every need? How could I, even for a second, think that you weren't there for me or that you weren't going to help me because of my bad deeds?
Give us the strength to rely on you for our every need. May we never judge each other because we belong to Him and He belongs to us.

"Be in peace, not in pieces."

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Oh My...

What a long long long day! (and a horrible one at that too...)

Lets see....woke up late, bus came late, late for quiz, finished half of quiz then gave up and handed it in, pissed off some people, train delay downtown (someone apparently got hit), started snowing and didnt have a jacket, late for other classes...but besides ALL of this...

I was blessed with the holy darshan of sri harimander sahib! its only a replica but still :)

Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh! I finally (after much procrastination) have decided to start a blog. For someone who has zero computer skills, I must say that the banner is looking nice (took me FOREVER to size it correctly he he he). Reasons why I've hesitated to start a blog:
-Fear of being recognized/caught. Trust me it would come with harsh repercussions :'(
-Utter lazyness
-No one cares what I think, or do they? hhmmm....
Despite these, I would like to say thank you to the following bloggers who have inspired me to blog because they are the "blog stars" of blogging blogs: naam jor aka Singhni MiriPiri, Manvir Singh, Novtej Singh, Davinder Singh, and various other gursikh bloggers.

First :)

hello. Testing...123....