Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Rain Rain Go Away!

Seriously...it won't stop.
Yeah, it was beautiful at first (about 2 weeks ago) but now its just ridiculous...there's still days of it to come, perhaps even another week :(

Challo...here's a shabad about rain:

maajh mehalaa 5
Maajh, Fifth Mehla:
paarabreham prabh maegh pat(h)aaeiaa
The Supreme Lord God has unleashed the rain clouds.
jal thhal meheeal dheh dhis varasaaeiaa
Over the sea and over the land-over all the earth's surface, in all directions, He has brought the rain.
saa(n)th bhee bujhee sabh thrisanaa anadh bhaeiaa sabh t(h)aaee jeeo 1
Peace has come, and the thirst of all has been quenched; there is joy and ecstasy everywhere. 1
sukhadhaathaa dhukh bha(n)janehaaraa
He is the Giver of Peace, the Destroyer of pain.
aapae bakhas karae jeea saaraa
He gives and forgives all beings.
apanae keethae no aap prathipaalae pae pairee thisehi manaaee jeeo 2
He Himself nurtures and cherishes His Creation. I fall at His Feet and surrender to Him. 2
jaa kee saran paeiaa gath paaeeai
Seeking His Sanctuary, salvation is obtained.
saas saas har naam dhhiaaeeai
With each and every breath, I meditate on the Lord's Name.
this bin hor n dhoojaa t(h)aakur sabh thisai keeaa jaaee jeeo 3
Without Him, there is no other Lord and Master. All places belong to Him. 3
thaeraa maan thaan prabh thaeraa
Yours is the Honor, God, and Yours is the Power.
thoo(n) sachaa saahib gunee gehaeraa
You are the True Lord and Master, the Ocean of Excellence.
naanak dhaas kehai baena(n)thee aat(h) pehar thudhh dhhiaaee jeeo 43441
Servant Nanak utters this prayer: may I meditate on You twenty-four hours a day. 43441

Ok, maybe I shouldn't complain...
lesson learned.

(Btw...whoh maharaj wrote aaaalot of bani in reference to rain, run a search!)


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