Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Tough Love

I've been thrashed, thwarted, kicked around and took it to heart with so much negativity.
But with His grace, I realized, what a gift! What a gift it is to serve you while our ego is being thrashed and thwarted! But STILL but STILL I complain! But STILL I get depressed! The irony!
I've felt unlucky for so long...how? How could I have felt unlucky when you constantly gave me your hand!? Oh Waheguru! Bless us with your love, your seva, your charan, your darshan, your naam, your, your, YOU, YOU, YOU!
When no one cares, when no one even knew my name, no one is in love with me, no one wants me, when I get beat down, down, down...

ham rulathae firathae koee baath n pooshathaa gur sathigur sang keerae ham thaapae
I was rolling around in the dirt, and no one cared for me at all. In the Company of the Guru, the True Guru, I, the worm, have been raised up and exalted.

dhann dhann guroo naanak jan kaeraa jith miliai chookae sabh sog santhaapae 4 5 11 49
Blessed, blessed is the Guru of servant Nanak; meeting Him, all my sorrows and troubles have come to an end. 4 5 11 49

Blessed Blessed Blessed is Guru Nanak Dev Sahib Ji!
Blessed is the time when I will realize that there is no I but there is YOU and only YOU.
Because without YOU, who am I!?

Serve the Immaculate Lord God, and meditate on the Lord's Name.
Join the Society of the Holy Saints, and be absorbed in the Lord's Name.
O Lord, glorious and great is service to You; I am so foolish
- please, commit me to it. I am Your servant and slave; command me, according to Your Will.
As Gurmukh, I shall serve You, as Guru has instructed me. 2

Please commit me to it. Now is the time! There may not be any other time. Time is running, running, running...

Sunday, July 5, 2009


I'm so sick and tired of sitting on the sidelines and just watching.
Time is ticking away. There's not much time left.
Nothing has been accomplished. Everyday is just empty repitition.
When will I meet You, O my Beloved Lord?
When will change come? When will I awaken from this sleep?
This is my condition:
His service is insignificant, but his demands are very great.
He does not obtain the Mansion of the Lord's Presence, but he says that he has arrived there1
He competes with those who have been accepted by the Beloved Lord.
This is how stubborn the false fool is! 1Pause
He wears religious robes, but he does not practice Truth.
He says that he has found the Mansion of the Lord's Presence, but he cannot even get near it. 2
He says that he is unattached, but he is intoxicated with Maya.
There is no love in his mind, and yet he says that he is imbued with the Lord. 3
Says Nanak, hear my prayer, God:
I am silly, stubborn and filled with sexual desire - please, liberate me! 4
I gaze upon the glorious greatness of the Blessed Vision of Your Darshan.
You are the Giver of Peace, the Loving Primal Being. 1 Second Pause 1 7
It's all talk. All show, no go. Nothing has actually been done...yet. There's a tiny bit of hope though. A longing for gain. All I really want is Him in the end, no matter how blindsided I get. Desires are temporary and they can be fulfilled at anytime with little effort. Now is the time to work hard for what truly matters.
Now, what efforts should I make?
How can I dispel the anxieties of my mind? How can I cross over the terrifying world-ocean? 1Pause
Obtaining this human incarnation, I have done no good deeds; this makes me very afraid!
In thought, word and deed, I have not sung the Lord's Praises; this thought worries my mind. 1
I listened to the Guru's Teachings, but spiritual wisdom did not well up within me; like a beast, I fill my belly.
Says Nanak, O God, please confirm Your Law of Grace; for only then can I, the sinner, be saved. 2 4 9 13 58 4 93
Please please please grace me!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

I Have More Followers Than You!

One day, Maya said to Parmatma "In this world, I have more followers and worshippers than you". Parmatma replied, "really now? we shall see..."
Parmatma then dressed up as a Saadhu, or saint, and visited a poor man's house. The poor man welcomed the holy being into his home and offered him vacancy for the night. Parmatma agreed but only on the condition that he stayed in a room that is cut off from the outside world and that he would be the only one in that empty room. The poor man agreed and Parmatma locked himself in for the night.
A little while later (surprise, surprise) Maya decided to also visit this poor man so she dressed herself up as a beautiful woman...she looked quite attractive. When she arrived at the poor man's house he was breathtaken by her beauty. She drank from a golden cup which she then threw to the ground. The poor man picked it up and then handed it to her saying, "hey...you dropped this," to which she then replied, "no no my friend...this is your cup now".
"For realz!?" the poor man thought, "she gives me golden gifts! She must stay here!"
The poor man then preceded to ask Maya if she wanted to stay at his house, but she asked for an empty room which was isolated from the outside world. "I have only one room that fits your desire but a holy Saadhu is living there," he explained.
Without much convincing, the poor man decided to kick the Saadhu out since this enticing woman would provide him with luxury.
When Maya and Parmatma met, they instantly recognized eachother despite their outer forms.
"HA, I told you so...you just got kicked out of this guys house cause he likes me more," Maya chuckled, "this proves that I have more worshippers than you!"
Alas, it is true...we poor mortal beings are always enticed and pursuaded by Maya, we prefer her over Waheguru. She provides us with comforts, luxuries, and a false sense of belonging. May we find strength in us to become the slaves of Waheguru, not Maya.
(Story told by my Mata Ji who heard it in katha once...forgive me but I've spiced it up a bit...I hope the moral hasn't changed)

Monday, June 15, 2009

The Lord Incarnated

Dhan Dhan Guru Arjan Dev Sahib Ji Maharaj!

jab lo nehee bhaag lilaar oudhai thab lo bhramathae firathae bahu dhaayo
As long as the destiny written upon my forehead was not activated, I wandered around lost, running in all directions.

kal ghor samudhr mai booddath thae kabehoo mitt hai nehee rae pashuthaayo
I was drowning in the horrible world-ocean of this Dark Age of Kali Yuga, and my remorse would never have ended.

thath bichaar yehai mathuraa jag thaaran ko avathaar banaayo
O Mat'huraa, consider this essential truth: to save the world, the Lord incarnated Himself.

japayo jina arajun dhaev guroo fir sankatt jon garabh n aayo 6
Whoever meditates on Guru Arjun Dayv, shall not have to pass through the painful womb of reincarnation ever again. 6

Oh my mind...meditate on Him, never forgetting.
Meditate on the One who has sacrificed everything.
Meditate on His beautiful and radiant presence.
Your protector, your love, your everything.

Friday, May 22, 2009


When things dont go our way we tend to throw fits of rage, tantrums as you will. I tend to over dramatize mine with yelling at extreme volumes. Because we forget. How we always forget...

baarik vaagee ho subh kish mungaa
Like a child, I ask for everything.
dhaedhae thott naahee prubh rungaa
God is Bountiful and Beautiful; He never comes up empty.
pairee pai pai buhuth munaaee dheen dhaeiaal gopaalaa jeeo
Again and again, I fall at His Feet. He is Merciful to the meek, the Sustainer of the World. 3

What if we always just fell at His feet? He never fails us, so why do we always fail Him?

thin kuruthai eik khael ruchaaeiaa
The One Creator has set this play in motion.
kaaeiaa sureerai vich subh kish paaeiaa
In the frame of the human body, He has placed all things.
subadh bhaedh koee mehul paaeae mehulae mehal bulaavaniaa
Those few who are pierced through by the Word of the Shabad, obtain the Mansion of the Lord's Presence. He calls them into His Wondrous Palace. 3

Its His play, some He keeps close and some He keeps far away.
As He commands, that is what we are destined to do.
I'm interested. How do we stay pierced forever? The Maya is so strong now, it'll do everything in its power to knock us off. So what can us poor beings do?
That sweet nectar, that exhiliration that cannot be described, how can we make it last!?

The soul cries in anguish at the loss.

koee aan koee aan milaavai maeraa sathigur pooraa raam
If only someone would come, if only someone would come, and lead me to meet my Perfect True Guru.

Is there anyone?

Saturday, May 2, 2009


With this icky flu going around, its hard not to get worried especially when the media throws it in your face constantly haha.
Yes, my friends, the swine flu. No, wait, its called H1N1 now I think? Meh same nuisance.
Anywho, with any sickness, the Guru is there. Always.
Here's a shabad I really love because I'm always in bad shape and lately, my whole family has been feeling under the weather.

sorat(h) mehalaa 5

janam janam kae dhookh nivaarai sookaa man saadhhaarai
He dispels the pains of countless incarnations, and lends support to the dry and shrivelled mind.

dharasan bhaettath hoth nihaalaa har kaa naam beechaarai 1
Beholding the Blessed Vision of His Darshan, one is enraptured, contemplating the Name of the Lord. 1

maeraa baidh guroo govi(n)dhaa
My physician is the Guru, the Lord of the Universe.

har har naam aoukhadhh mukh dhaevai kaattai jam kee fa(n)dhhaa 1 rehaao
He places the medicine of the Naam into my mouth, and cuts away the noose of Death. 1Pause

samarathh purakh pooran bidhhaathae aapae karanaihaaraa
He is the all-powerful, Perfect Lord, the Architect of Destiny; He Himself is the Doer of deeds.

apunaa dhaas har aap oubaariaa naanak naam adhhaaraa 2634
The Lord Himself saves His slave; Nanak takes the Support of the Naam. 2 6 34

So don't you worry! Remember the true physician...

On a side note, Bhai Harjinder Singh Ji rocks! We've been so lucky to have his sangat for this week past: Please click here to find a page where you can download many many MANY of his tracks including the shabad above.

You're welcome ;)

Thursday, April 23, 2009


Taking a "study break". A long one I guess. My life seems to be a "study break" haha.
Exams. Ulgh. But the local Nagar Kirtan is next week! aaaaand...the moment I've waited for, for 2 long years (missed the last year)....Vancouver May Smagam time...in about 3 weeks! Yeh-yah!
Its such a magical time. One of those pick-me-ups when you're feeling down. One of those moments you wish lasted forever so you savour every second of it.
Too much day dreaming, must get back to crammin'!
Reality bites.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Amrit Peevoh Sada Chir Jeevoh...

Har Simrat Anand Ananta :)

Gursikha man vadhayeea jin mera satguroo ditaa raam raje!

Congratulations indeed.

What does this special occasion mean to you?
What are your plans?
Love to hear it...inspire this lost soul.

Someone beautiful once said, "Every year on the day of Vaisakhi, I look back at what I have accomplished in the past year. I look back on everything that has happened and look forward to the next year."

(Photo: Daljeet Singh on Flickr)

Thursday, April 2, 2009


Exam time is nearing...stress levels increasing.
Supposed to be doing project work. Not going too well.
Life is hectic!
However, with great fortune, I stumbled across THIS track.
She's a superstar, glad I had the chance to spend some time to kick it with her.
"Sometimes we are akiratgans and we follow our stubborn minds, even when our Guru lays out specifically what we need to do, He knows it all"
-keep shining my friend

*AAhh don't you just love echos? SO surreal.

Read me.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Hair problems?

Got a problem with your kesh? Pissed off that someone did something terrible to you?
Think of Bhai Taru Singh Ji...

"They arrested Bhai Taru Singh and he was taken to Lahore. There he was put in prison. In the prison he was subjected to severe, inhuman tortures for many days. He was asked to embrace Islam and get his hair cut. He was told, 'If you do that, you will be given in marriage a beautiful damsel of high Mughal family. You will be given riches and high position. You will lead a life of happiness and pleasure. If you refuse, you hair will be forcibly cut, you will be subjected to still severer tortures.'
'Finally, you will beheaded or broken on the wheel. Be well advised. Don't throw away your life and all that it can offer you.' Bhai Taru Singh firmly and defiantly refused to give up his faith. He said, 'Even if I were offered kingship of the whole world, even if all the beauties of Paradise were offered to me as my personal servants, even if the treasure of the entire world were placed at my feet, I would not give up my religion. It is far more precious and dear than all these. I would not let my hair be cut, not even a single hair. I am prepared to die. May God and the Guru let me die with my hair all intact.' Zakriya Khan said, 'Your God and Guru are powerless here. I am here to grant your prayer. Your hair shall not be cut. It will remain intact. Your scalp along with the hair shall be scraped off. What do you say to that ?' Bhai Taru Singh replied, 'That will be very good of you, indeed. Kill me in any manner that you like. Be quick. I am eager to join my martyred brethren at the feet of the Almighty and All-loving Father of all.' " (Taken from searchsikhism.com)

How can you easily shave, wax, trim, laser, and do God knows what to what God Himself has blessed you with. He took soooo much time and effort to create your body and protect it from the heat of your mother's womb. He spent time perfecting every cell on your body, every part...and now you want to change it?

Bhai Taru Singh had his scalp cut...his scalp! And he didnt die right away...he lived for many days after and was taken back to prison to be torchered again!

He didn't die in vain, he died for you and I, so that we remember that our hair is the most precious gift given to us.

Don't tell me "it's ok for a bibi to get rid of her hair, you're too strict"....don't give me that bullshit. Even Singhs these days can't handle the pressure. The things people think about you, the way you get treated at work or at school, the pain that you feel is NOTHING. It is NOTHING compared to what Bhai Taru Singh had to live through. Its quite a selfish thing to think you are the only person who experiences depression due to this world.

His torcherer, Zakriya Khan couldn't urinate for days and was in terrible pain because of what he had done, so he asked for forgiveness and "Bhai Taru Singh said, 'I have no ill-will against him. All happens as willed by God. As far as I am concerned, he is forgiven. But he will have to render an account of his doings. The inmates of hell are waiting to welcome him.'" (searchsikhism.com)

Hey Waheguru! May I be able to forgive others like Bhai Taru Singh has done, no matter what horrible things they have done to me. May I never get mad at others and never wish bad on them.

I was inspired to write this post after hearing about people wanting to cut their kesh, ladies who can't handle the pressure...I am a lady, I know what you feel, I know its not easy but its nothing compared to the tortures our shaheeds faced...we can't easily give up because if we do we are not Sikhs, we are not Sikhs of the Guru.

To those who contemplate turning their back on the Guru: don't do it. Don't take the coward's way out...be an inspiration to others...be a beacon of light and truth...let your Guru be proud of you...because if the Guru is proud of you then the whole world will bow to your feet...i promise you.

I'm truly sorry if I offended anyone by what I have typed but all of it is the truth, I do not take back any of it. May the Guru bless us all with strength and the courage to keep fighting the pressures of this world and to rise above depression. Lets fight together.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

A desi dream come true!

I didnt think it was possible....but yes, India just released the "world's cheapest car".

The $2500 Tata Nano
Tata (say it like TA-TA....sounds hilarious...)
It has no anti lock breaks, no airbags, or seatbelts in the back seats.
Deadly but cheap!


Beauty, isn't she?

Truly a Desi's dream come true...but sadly, in these tough economic times, everyone will be looking to get one...

(I want mine in blue :) )

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The end as we know it.

I have realized that all of my posts have been kind of "emo" and depressing haha maybe because I only take to my blog when I feel down, but I guess that's a healthy way to deal with it, right? right!? lol
I'll try to work on a happy post but those are boring...so for now I'm going to bring the drama.
So here goes:

Our youth is doomed. By "doomed" I mean...really they're screwed. That includes you and I.
The more exposure to technology we have, the more chances we have at screwing up everything. I mean...everything. For example, social networking sites *cough* fb *cough* are a "perfect place to do sangat". HA! really!? you mean going to the Guru's house isn't the perfect place anymore?
That's only one excuse I've heard so far, I'm sure that there is plenty.
It's funny because we only think and believe that we are able to really see each other as brothers and sisters but if one has no siblings and have never experienced that relationship, how are they ever supposed to know how to treat their "brother" or "sister"?
It is so terribly easy for us to come into contact with each other now that it makes it difficult for our minds not to wander and fall into a pit. I have no intellect on the subject but I've heard that back in the day...gursikhs of the opposite sex never talked openly to one another and hardly even looked at each other...I know sounds lame and extreme right?
But how else did they stay away from kaam besides naam japping 24/7?
I hope that one day I can be as intelligent as these gursikhs, and keep myself clean and pure.
Sadly, the Internet isn't the only thing screwing up the youth and I.
My cellphone is attached to my hip and my big screen T.V. lets me enjoy all the different tastes of maya.
It's getting harder and harder to not slip and fall...I just wish the Guru continues grabbing my hand and that he never gives up....or else I'd really be screwed!

But these points aside, it's always a joy to read bani and sakhis through the technology we have...infact I know others who have learned alot about Sikhi through utilizing the Internet.
So I guess it can't be too bad in small and controlled doses....
OK, stupid rant over.

Here's a cartoon (oh..I'd like to note that none of these are mine...I just found them randomly in Google)

If maya were to jump out of your screen....

That would be quite awkward....

= P

Monday, February 2, 2009

I <3 iSikhi

Yay! After a painfully long wait...iSikhi was released in the Appstore :)
Thank you iSikhi team for all your hard work.

click me.
search away!

Friday, January 9, 2009


Waheguru loves all. It might seem like when you get knocked down, kicked around, and fall but struggle to get up that you're totally worthless, useless, and no one could care less about you. The Guru puts you through the toughest times so that you come out stronger. Thieves, adulterers, and hardcore sinners, what would He have to do with these people (of course if they haven't listened to him and continue to drown)? Your His child, He knocks you down with the intention of love...seems odd but very much true.


suth aparaadhh karath hai jaethae
As many mistakes as the son commits,

jananee cheeth n raakhas thaethae 1
his mother does not hold them against him in her mind. 1

raameeaa ho baarik thaeraa
O Lord, I am Your child.

kaahae n kha(n)ddas avagan maeraa 1 rehaao
Why not destroy my sins? 1Pause

jae ath krop karae kar dhhaaeiaa
If the son, in anger, runs away,

thaa bhee cheeth n raakhas maaeiaa 2
even then, his mother does not hold it against him in her mind. 2

chi(n)th bhavan man pariou hamaaraa
My mind has fallen into the whirlpool of anxiety.

naam binaa kaisae outharas paaraa 3
Without the Naam, how can I cross over to the other side? 3

dhaehi bimal math sadhaa sareeraa
Please, bless my body with pure and lasting understanding, Lord;

sehaj sehaj gun ravai kabeeraa 4 3 12
in peace and poise, Kabeer chants the Praises of the Lord. 4 3 12

Aaahhh the whirlpool of anxiety due to the lack of naam...that in itself is a whole other post.

"New years resolution":
-No matter how hard I get beat and fall into a pit of utter depression and anxiety, I will try to realize how lucky I am to have a being that cares for me as much as He does, even when I stupidly think He doesn't.

I'm not perfect because if I was, I wouldn't need Guru, none of us would.
Regretably, I cannot take away the hurt I've caused and continue to cause to others. My ardaas is that I'm forgiven and that the cycle of doubt and wandering ends.

I wish I could love like Waheguru.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Happy 2009!

I know its a little late but...
Happy 2009!
The economy is in the crapper.
Lots of unemployment to come.
The weather totally sucks.
People are going crazier by the second (Kuljugness).
Apparently...kids our killing their parents over chores?
Yah...its about to get crazier...
but on the bright side...
The US has a new president...and he's coloured!
Happy Recession.