Thursday, April 2, 2009


Exam time is nearing...stress levels increasing.
Supposed to be doing project work. Not going too well.
Life is hectic!
However, with great fortune, I stumbled across THIS track.
She's a superstar, glad I had the chance to spend some time to kick it with her.
"Sometimes we are akiratgans and we follow our stubborn minds, even when our Guru lays out specifically what we need to do, He knows it all"
-keep shining my friend

*AAhh don't you just love echos? SO surreal.

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Amandeep singh rishi said...

Great work...and there's no doubt that your language can be quickly absorbed........i liked the blog very much........but would certainly look forward for your response on todays news headline about "Jernail Singh"......what do u think and how do u take the whole happening as????

DK said...

Thanks for your comment, its much appreciated. I'm not exactly sure which headline you are refering to so please let me know.