Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Hair problems?

Got a problem with your kesh? Pissed off that someone did something terrible to you?
Think of Bhai Taru Singh Ji...

"They arrested Bhai Taru Singh and he was taken to Lahore. There he was put in prison. In the prison he was subjected to severe, inhuman tortures for many days. He was asked to embrace Islam and get his hair cut. He was told, 'If you do that, you will be given in marriage a beautiful damsel of high Mughal family. You will be given riches and high position. You will lead a life of happiness and pleasure. If you refuse, you hair will be forcibly cut, you will be subjected to still severer tortures.'
'Finally, you will beheaded or broken on the wheel. Be well advised. Don't throw away your life and all that it can offer you.' Bhai Taru Singh firmly and defiantly refused to give up his faith. He said, 'Even if I were offered kingship of the whole world, even if all the beauties of Paradise were offered to me as my personal servants, even if the treasure of the entire world were placed at my feet, I would not give up my religion. It is far more precious and dear than all these. I would not let my hair be cut, not even a single hair. I am prepared to die. May God and the Guru let me die with my hair all intact.' Zakriya Khan said, 'Your God and Guru are powerless here. I am here to grant your prayer. Your hair shall not be cut. It will remain intact. Your scalp along with the hair shall be scraped off. What do you say to that ?' Bhai Taru Singh replied, 'That will be very good of you, indeed. Kill me in any manner that you like. Be quick. I am eager to join my martyred brethren at the feet of the Almighty and All-loving Father of all.' " (Taken from searchsikhism.com)

How can you easily shave, wax, trim, laser, and do God knows what to what God Himself has blessed you with. He took soooo much time and effort to create your body and protect it from the heat of your mother's womb. He spent time perfecting every cell on your body, every part...and now you want to change it?

Bhai Taru Singh had his scalp cut...his scalp! And he didnt die right away...he lived for many days after and was taken back to prison to be torchered again!

He didn't die in vain, he died for you and I, so that we remember that our hair is the most precious gift given to us.

Don't tell me "it's ok for a bibi to get rid of her hair, you're too strict"....don't give me that bullshit. Even Singhs these days can't handle the pressure. The things people think about you, the way you get treated at work or at school, the pain that you feel is NOTHING. It is NOTHING compared to what Bhai Taru Singh had to live through. Its quite a selfish thing to think you are the only person who experiences depression due to this world.

His torcherer, Zakriya Khan couldn't urinate for days and was in terrible pain because of what he had done, so he asked for forgiveness and "Bhai Taru Singh said, 'I have no ill-will against him. All happens as willed by God. As far as I am concerned, he is forgiven. But he will have to render an account of his doings. The inmates of hell are waiting to welcome him.'" (searchsikhism.com)

Hey Waheguru! May I be able to forgive others like Bhai Taru Singh has done, no matter what horrible things they have done to me. May I never get mad at others and never wish bad on them.

I was inspired to write this post after hearing about people wanting to cut their kesh, ladies who can't handle the pressure...I am a lady, I know what you feel, I know its not easy but its nothing compared to the tortures our shaheeds faced...we can't easily give up because if we do we are not Sikhs, we are not Sikhs of the Guru.

To those who contemplate turning their back on the Guru: don't do it. Don't take the coward's way out...be an inspiration to others...be a beacon of light and truth...let your Guru be proud of you...because if the Guru is proud of you then the whole world will bow to your feet...i promise you.

I'm truly sorry if I offended anyone by what I have typed but all of it is the truth, I do not take back any of it. May the Guru bless us all with strength and the courage to keep fighting the pressures of this world and to rise above depression. Lets fight together.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

A desi dream come true!

I didnt think it was possible....but yes, India just released the "world's cheapest car".

The $2500 Tata Nano
Tata (say it like TA-TA....sounds hilarious...)
It has no anti lock breaks, no airbags, or seatbelts in the back seats.
Deadly but cheap!


Beauty, isn't she?

Truly a Desi's dream come true...but sadly, in these tough economic times, everyone will be looking to get one...

(I want mine in blue :) )