Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The end as we know it.

I have realized that all of my posts have been kind of "emo" and depressing haha maybe because I only take to my blog when I feel down, but I guess that's a healthy way to deal with it, right? right!? lol
I'll try to work on a happy post but those are boring...so for now I'm going to bring the drama.
So here goes:

Our youth is doomed. By "doomed" I mean...really they're screwed. That includes you and I.
The more exposure to technology we have, the more chances we have at screwing up everything. I mean...everything. For example, social networking sites *cough* fb *cough* are a "perfect place to do sangat". HA! really!? you mean going to the Guru's house isn't the perfect place anymore?
That's only one excuse I've heard so far, I'm sure that there is plenty.
It's funny because we only think and believe that we are able to really see each other as brothers and sisters but if one has no siblings and have never experienced that relationship, how are they ever supposed to know how to treat their "brother" or "sister"?
It is so terribly easy for us to come into contact with each other now that it makes it difficult for our minds not to wander and fall into a pit. I have no intellect on the subject but I've heard that back in the day...gursikhs of the opposite sex never talked openly to one another and hardly even looked at each other...I know sounds lame and extreme right?
But how else did they stay away from kaam besides naam japping 24/7?
I hope that one day I can be as intelligent as these gursikhs, and keep myself clean and pure.
Sadly, the Internet isn't the only thing screwing up the youth and I.
My cellphone is attached to my hip and my big screen T.V. lets me enjoy all the different tastes of maya.
It's getting harder and harder to not slip and fall...I just wish the Guru continues grabbing my hand and that he never gives up....or else I'd really be screwed!

But these points aside, it's always a joy to read bani and sakhis through the technology we have...infact I know others who have learned alot about Sikhi through utilizing the Internet.
So I guess it can't be too bad in small and controlled doses....
OK, stupid rant over.

Here's a cartoon (oh..I'd like to note that none of these are mine...I just found them randomly in Google)

If maya were to jump out of your screen....

That would be quite awkward....

= P

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Anonymous said...

wow, that was interesting!
very straight talking :)