Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Tough Love

I've been thrashed, thwarted, kicked around and took it to heart with so much negativity.
But with His grace, I realized, what a gift! What a gift it is to serve you while our ego is being thrashed and thwarted! But STILL but STILL I complain! But STILL I get depressed! The irony!
I've felt unlucky for so long...how? How could I have felt unlucky when you constantly gave me your hand!? Oh Waheguru! Bless us with your love, your seva, your charan, your darshan, your naam, your, your, YOU, YOU, YOU!
When no one cares, when no one even knew my name, no one is in love with me, no one wants me, when I get beat down, down, down...

ham rulathae firathae koee baath n pooshathaa gur sathigur sang keerae ham thaapae
I was rolling around in the dirt, and no one cared for me at all. In the Company of the Guru, the True Guru, I, the worm, have been raised up and exalted.

dhann dhann guroo naanak jan kaeraa jith miliai chookae sabh sog santhaapae 4 5 11 49
Blessed, blessed is the Guru of servant Nanak; meeting Him, all my sorrows and troubles have come to an end. 4 5 11 49

Blessed Blessed Blessed is Guru Nanak Dev Sahib Ji!
Blessed is the time when I will realize that there is no I but there is YOU and only YOU.
Because without YOU, who am I!?

Serve the Immaculate Lord God, and meditate on the Lord's Name.
Join the Society of the Holy Saints, and be absorbed in the Lord's Name.
O Lord, glorious and great is service to You; I am so foolish
- please, commit me to it. I am Your servant and slave; command me, according to Your Will.
As Gurmukh, I shall serve You, as Guru has instructed me. 2

Please commit me to it. Now is the time! There may not be any other time. Time is running, running, running...

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