Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Rise and Fall of an Era

The man who everyone feared, loved and adored: he fell. He fell so hard.
He hit rock bottom, now prides himself on endless bottoms ups and all you can eat wings.
Sad, sad, sad.

The girl who wore the tallest turban, the tallest of them all. Everyone adored her and her donned turban. What an inspiration! What guts! How does her head stay up?
Well....she followed suit...she fell. She fell harder and faster than them all.
She now prides herself on a porn star image. Day by day, she is ruined. Yet everyone remembers her old self? Why do they praise it? I do not understand. I dont think I ever will.
Sad, sad, saddest.

We stand on the other side not realizing how easy it is to trip and fall. Do not think it cannot happen. Do not think you cant be stripped of your glory. What you have pride in now may shift and take a deadly form. Be thankful for where you are, do not pride yourself. Pride will lead to your downfall. Take the shelter of your Guru like a beggar...you, afterall, are nothing.


Anonymous said...

bibi ji, take chill and try to understand and spread the words of SGGS. dont get into any inferiorty complex. Sikhi will sail through if we concentrate on right work .Shabad guru SGGS is eternal. Just concentrate on the right work.

DK said...

I understand where you are coming from and thank you for your positivity.
I was inspired to write this post because of certain people who had reached a high level and then fell so hard that it is impossible for them to get back up again.
If we do things properly, it wont happen, I agree completely. However, ego can certianly take its toll. Which is why we should be thankful for where we are and never forget that this is all due to Guru's endless kirpa.