Friday, May 22, 2009


When things dont go our way we tend to throw fits of rage, tantrums as you will. I tend to over dramatize mine with yelling at extreme volumes. Because we forget. How we always forget...

baarik vaagee ho subh kish mungaa
Like a child, I ask for everything.
dhaedhae thott naahee prubh rungaa
God is Bountiful and Beautiful; He never comes up empty.
pairee pai pai buhuth munaaee dheen dhaeiaal gopaalaa jeeo
Again and again, I fall at His Feet. He is Merciful to the meek, the Sustainer of the World. 3

What if we always just fell at His feet? He never fails us, so why do we always fail Him?

thin kuruthai eik khael ruchaaeiaa
The One Creator has set this play in motion.
kaaeiaa sureerai vich subh kish paaeiaa
In the frame of the human body, He has placed all things.
subadh bhaedh koee mehul paaeae mehulae mehal bulaavaniaa
Those few who are pierced through by the Word of the Shabad, obtain the Mansion of the Lord's Presence. He calls them into His Wondrous Palace. 3

Its His play, some He keeps close and some He keeps far away.
As He commands, that is what we are destined to do.
I'm interested. How do we stay pierced forever? The Maya is so strong now, it'll do everything in its power to knock us off. So what can us poor beings do?
That sweet nectar, that exhiliration that cannot be described, how can we make it last!?

The soul cries in anguish at the loss.

koee aan koee aan milaavai maeraa sathigur pooraa raam
If only someone would come, if only someone would come, and lead me to meet my Perfect True Guru.

Is there anyone?

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