Friday, June 6, 2008

A Night of Inspiration

I was fortunate enough to make it to Snatam Kaur's concert last night. Let me just say...mindblowing.
It's amazing how many new faces came, people who may have never even heard the word "Waheguru" in their lifetime but got to experience it through Snatam Kaur and company's performance.
Throughout the night, she performed various shabads and before each one, she explained the meanings and the history behind it and left the audience to experience the bani at a whole new level. We even heard some dasam bani and did some yoga.
Usually, not everyone at kirtan programs sing along when simran is being done but last night, people of different faiths and backgrounds were doing simran so loud and with so much love! The whole room was vibrating! Waheguru!
It was great to hear about the various experiences she had with Sri Singh Sahib Yogi Bhajan, some were quite entertaining.
Anywho, if she is in your area, please do not hesitate to attend her concert. Sometimes we are afraid of opening up to new things and therefore, anything we're not used to we tend to push away. Personally, I'm glad this is one thing I've grown to accept; that there are different ways of experiencing Guru, He'll lead you to it.
I hope that Maharaj blesses her with more seva and that she continues to inspire and spread Sikhi to all types of people.
"Let go of your perfections and imperfections, let the one who created you take care of that.
Let go. Let Him."
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Novtej said...

Yeah i have all her cds and I find it quite soothing to listen to. It actually brings peace.

DK said...

I have to get her albums still...for now I'll just listen to her website lol
kirtan should be free! :|