Monday, April 14, 2008

Kes Kes Kes Long Beautiful Kes

Recently there has been a lot of posts on sikhi forums about facial kes and bibia.

Firstly, I would like to say kudos to those brave sisters who keep every hair on their body intact and untouched. May Guru Sahib continue to give you the strength to look passed society's idea of beauty. However, for those sisters who havent, hair can grow back so may He also give you the strength to one day keep the roop He intends you to.
Keeping all of our hair intact is a fundamental part of our religion. Now before you say blah blah blah who cares i know this already: think about it! Here's a bit of a scientific approach: every folicle of hair on your body is like an electric wire that connects you to Waheguru, so the more hair, the stronger connection we have when we meditate on naam. Stronger connection you say!? Tell me more! Sorry, I wish I had more knowledge on the matter.

Ok, now here are some personal experiences:

Removal of kes is quite common among amritdhari bibia but the only difference is, is that we tend to forget that it is a bujjar kurheit. Yah whatever, I know its bad, so whats your point? My point is that one cannot cover this up with excuse after excuse. For example, there is the ever so common, "Guru Ji will forgive me, he KNOWS how hard it is..."
Trust me, I had alot of excuses and even though I hadn't even removed my kes, I stood up for others who did using the same redundant excuses. "She has hormonal problems" or "who cares, she is still the same person inside". I don't feel guilty about supporting them though because they were going through a rough time. Not only were they depressed because of their long kes, now they were depressed about removing it!

It all started when high school arrived and at that time a girl tries to realize who she is and where she belongs. Bleaching first came to my mind so one night it was finally going to happen at a friends house. I watched as some of my amritdhari friends spread the bright white cream all over their faces. I watched even more intently when they washed it off. Now here's the amazing part: as soon as I was about to step up to the plate, there was no more cream left! Waheguru! So I went home thinking ah no big deal, maybe later...

Later did come, but later was in a different form, a more painful form. Another friend of mine made up her mind to remove her bleached facial kes with a laser, how exciting! She talked me into getting it done too. "You dont have much hair so if you do it now no one will notice". Pretty pursuasive right? Although I was crumbling under the weight of peer pressure, with Guru's kirpa, a part of me felt it was horribly wrong. After talking to another friend, she helped me realize my condition so what did I do next? Well since I was unsure if Guru Ji was ok with this decision, why not ask Him directly? The answer came when I was soon going to travel to a city where I usually go to for smagams but now it was a city where I would ultimately face my doom. Turns out my peer pressuring friend went through with it and I ended up going somewhere else that night, perhaps a kirtan program but my memory is fuzzy. Again, whats my point?

I simply wasn't meant to remove my kes BUT this revelation isnt just for this random girl sitting on her computer typing away, its for everyone. We just arent meant to.
And there were many experiences similar to the ones above, where you swim in an ocean of doubt and Maharaj grabs you by the arm and pulls you out JUST when you are about to drown.





Anonymous said...

mai ajaan jan tharbe na jaanau baab beetthula baah dae

idiotic bibi said...

vaheguru, amazing article..
man i hate myself. we KNOW what we're doing is wrong but we do it anyway. stupidity to the max.

DK said...

you aren't stupid, don't you ever think that you are low because you don't keep your kes. you still have a connection to Guru. He saves stones, what makes you think He won't save you? One day you WILL have the strength to keep kes, if you truly feel it in your heart. He'll give it to you!!!
Please don't waste your time hating yourself, make an effort. Even a single thought counts. We all KNOW that when we're doing something wrong, we do it anyways...duuuhhh we're not perfect, which is WHY we have Guru. He makes us perfect, we just have to ask...

caravaner said...

Waheguru ji ka khalsa,
Waheguru ji ki fateh dk ji... you surely have been blessed by the almighty that he saved you from the kuraihet... being guru's "pyaare bache" we are tested by guru ji too and at times like this and what is more important is to act according to guru's teachings... i am pretty sure your post would help all others who are in the same waters... may waheguru bless all...