Friday, April 4, 2008

aao hamaarai raam piaarae jeeo ||


Please listen to the above track. Trust me. Just do it...

And also, read these as you listen:

aao hamaarai raam piaarae jeeo

gulae holee bibaagae dhehar boo karadh

saevee sathigur aapanaa har simaree dhin sabh rain

ho bal bal bal bal charan kamal ko bal bal gur dharasaaeiaa

prabh jee thoo maerae praan adhhaarai

heeeae ko preetham bisar n jaae

Yup, they're all in order...still don't trust me?
C'mon what do you have to lose? ;)


Novtej said...

GREAT JOB!..for your efforts in listing the shabads...usually takes me a good 20 mins but youve done it already..many thanks! :)

DK said...

haha no problem was worth the 30 mins it took me ;)