Friday, November 28, 2008

My oh My...

The sexy pouty lip pose is very common among teenaged women in not so candid photographic images. It involves a pouty lip facial expression with the ever so common right hand behind the head in addition to projecting certain areas of the body for emphasis.
sigh...I'm very dissapointed in seeing my sisters sell themselves out all over the internets...especially on social networking sites (yes...THE social networking site *ehem*)
Wearing bana is such a privelege...but too often we take it for granted (especially moi). I know we aren't perfect but it doesn't hurt to try...
I mean...the low cut shirts, the wierd poses...why intentionally sell yourself short especially when you post hundreds of the pictures yourselves?
Singhneea!!! Wake up!!! (I don't mean to lecture you but this time I gotta...)
Maybe it helps you feel nimarta, letting the world know of your crazy wild adventerous side, but honestly, you have no that really the same girl that taught at a camp not too long ago, or is that the girl that does kirtan so beautifully?
Is it really worth destroying your image?
Do you honestly need all these silly pictures? A normal one would do fine wouldn't it?
There is no way to justify it. One cannot imagine puratan Singhneea engaging in such things. I cannot imagine Mai Bhago Ji in the "poses" common today. She would most definately keep her dignity which made her a very gorgeous being.
You are the future...your actions now will be brought forth later on so why taint your image? Are you not the daughter of the Guru (or atleast trying to be?)
You're awsome, wicked cool in fact...I'm sure your future Singh would appreciate you more if you weren't famous on the internet (for all the wrong reasons)...
Anyways, my opinion is probably worthless in fact I too am guilty of the wierd poses but since I am in the same boat, lets try to become better together :)

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Anonymous said...


Im a guy and i totally agree with u on this, i know that girls are groing up an all and need the attention n media and people's pul is so strong...but dear...dear alll girls...guys want a girl thats not easy...that they can call THEIR own...i know its selfish...but its better than way, for both parties involved...

wow ji...lots of respect to u to admit u also do it and im sure its just about tryin to fit in...we all do... :)

wel i do like ur blog, keep it up!