Tuesday, October 26, 2010


You're the first one to call her out if she gets regular laser treatments.
Yet, would you have even considered her as a partner if she didnt?
Sweetheart, save your breath.
We all know you want your Aishwarya Rai Mr. Singh.
The girl with the turban just aint cuttin it.
Say what?
Yeah...you heard me.


happy said...

actually there is a psychological process of buildign up lifepartner's image in a person's mind ,for sikh teenagers that process relies on bollywood so what happens the image of life partner both in case of sikh boys and girls is infact the image of hindi movie hero heroine as pointed by you in your post .
the solution is not in girl's blaming sikh males or vice versa but in attempts to reconstruct the process of the formation of this image .this will happen when we will educate our children on the sikh history and will provide them with role models in present world who are sabat surat sikhs

DK said...

Hmm very insightful :)
My point was that SOME singhs these days dont want to marry amritdhari kaurs...they want wives that adhere to typical bollywood actresses. However, it would be looked down upon, even taboo, if an amritdhari kaur were to marry a a non amritdhari. The hypocracy astonishes me sometimes.