Saturday, February 5, 2011

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My heart can only be broken so many times. My heart can only be ripped out of my chest once. I cannot bear anymore.
So why, Lord, do you keep shattering me? My vessel is empty, how much more are you going to take away?
Theres a treasure sitting in front of me so I reach over to grab it but as I attempt to do so, either my hands get chopped off or the treasure is ripped out of my grips.
I dont want to question our love anymore but why is it that you make me question it?
But then again I've always stupidly thought that success/material goods/happyness are the result of your love? Are they not? Am I just stupid? Probably...but please, stop breaking me...I can't take anymore...


Anonymous said...

Mate, you're just like someone else I know, you're not insufficient, you seem pretty cool
I don't understand this whole belittling oneself by comparing yourself to the ultimate, be it God, or liberation or divine love...these things take time - absolutely ages often.
enjoy the journey

DK said...

you're pretty cool :)
and absolutely right
thank you.