Friday, June 15, 2012

Men VS Women

So I'm going to try typing out this post on my nifty iPhone. Here goes. Ehem. Dear gursikh brothers and sisters. I love and respect all of you. However, sometimes I feel the need to scold you since I get massive ego trips. This is one of those times. The older I get and mind you, I'm only in my early twenties, I've noticed how much I've grown since my teenage years with Maharaj's endless grace. That being said, I know I still have a lot more growing to do internally. My brothers: you are male. That means you are given special treatment. Great. Just don't be a dick about it. And by that I mean, you have no right to tell your sister(s)/wife/mother what they can or can't do. Why? Because you have no idea what its like to have societal pressures forced on you because of your gender. You have no idea what it's like to be compensated less for the same occupation. You have no idea what it's like when you're hated on by even your own parents for being born a woman. I could go on but the point is, you don't have the right to treat a woman the same way society treats her. Especially if you call yourself a Sikh of Guru Nanak Dev Sahib Ji Maharaj. Guru Sahib saw women on an equal level. I'm not trying to argue that men and women are the same because they're different in their own respects. For example, when you tell a woman she should not wear makeup, dress a certain way, etc., why? What are you getting out of telling her that? One, she's most likely familiarized with every rehitnama out there so thanks for repeating it one more time (not). Two, she already feels insecure about herself so bravo to you for making her feel even shittier. Finally, so what? It's her body and it's her choice! You're a guy for heaven's sake! You don't have the need to do your eyebrows, paint your nails, wear a dress but you act like a drama queen as soon as you see a bibi doing it. And that's a shame. An utter shame on your part. Do this instead: swallow your manly pride and stop yourself from creating any verbal diarrhea of any sort. Instead, treat that woman with the respect and dignity she deserves because she's not gonna get that anywhere else. Let her be. My sisters: men can be total dicks. But that's just the way it is. However, that does not excuse you from being a bitch to another woman. If anything you should empathize with her as she faces the same struggles you do everyday. Oh you found out she hits up the laser clinic eh? Nows the perfect opportunity to hate on her and talk shit behind her back. NO! Shame on you! You're doing exactly what some of your ignorant brothers are doing. Why? What gives you the right to make her feel terrible about her choices? Exactly. You have no right either so just stop. We need to end our backstabbing and shit talking. I do it too so I'm just as guilty. So to conclude, respect works both ways for both men and women. Let's try to inspire each other to read Gurbani, sing kirtan, meditate, do seva and so forth instead of playing "rehit police" all day long. You just gotta do your own thang and inspire by leading by example. May our maturity level rise so that we can always keep it real.



Two kinds of people in the word

==> The givers
==> The takers

Takers eat well.

Givers sleep well.