Sunday, July 25, 2010


My eyes are wet, they yearn to behold Your image.
Please give me another chance, after the many chances You've given me.
Your brides enjoy Your company, please give me a second of Your valuable time, my heart aches without You.
I beg like a child, however I am as stubborn as a child, grace me with Your understanding.
I reach out my hand...I wait for You to grab it so I can get out of this deep dark pit. I wait for Your warm embrace.
My love, dont forget me no matter how much I forget You. How could I live without Your constant care. Your care is what soothes me.
Care for me always so that I may not stray too far away.
I am grateful to You.
Off to India for a month...hope to have a good experience. I'll miss you all.


Anonymous said...

How was India?

DK said...

Pretty awsome...cant wait for the day God brings me back.