Monday, June 28, 2010

Pick and choose.

You wear religious robes, have taken the nectar, practice your sadhnaa daily...
You read many books, gather information from many resources, thinking of yourself as some specialist...
You've been blessed to be a part of the five, you've instructed and warned others of the perils...
Yet you indulge yourself and deny when called out on it.
So then what is the use of ridiculing the world? What is the use of making others feel worthless and Godless?
Tell me...where is YOUR love? Quit asking me where mine went.
You've risen to the highest level but sadly your conceit remains.
You can dish it but you can never take it.
I wish your heart was pure, you cant simply pick and day to wake up and be at your spiritual heights...the next to abandon it...and then decide that there is nothing wrong with that.
Contrary to your popular belief, you cannot have your cake and eat it too.
I'm sorry but my heart has been shattered...and many hearts who you've foul mouthed and ridiculed.
So then it comes down to this...aapai beej aapai hee khaahu

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