Tuesday, June 1, 2010

When Will My Turn Come?

They look so beautiful with their husband. They enjoy His company, never wandering away from Him. He receives them with a loving embrace. They lay upon His comfy bed. They belong to Him and He belongs to them. There is no distinction. There is just bliss. Anand.
So there I stand, on the other side. I am worthless, disheveled and dishonored. I have nothing to offer to my husband. I've wandered far away and I am swallowed up by the deep dark ocean. My life is meaningless without my Beloved yet I can't reach Him. What will it take? What must I do? My heart is shattering, my soul is stinging, my mind has gone crazy. Oh sanity, come back to me. Run away thieves so that my Beloved will come see me!


Anonymous said...

come on mate, you seem like you're trying pretty hard, and I'm sure he appreciates it.
funny I was just having a conversation with my sister today, how can you give something to the guy that already has everything?
the guy being god.
don't know the answer just a weird question i guess

DK said...

haha it might seem like im trying, but sadly im not trying hard enough.
right you are...He has everything :)