Saturday, June 12, 2010

Places Everyone!

What a grand show! The director has placed His actors on the world ocean's stage.
He wrote the script, all the lines are ready for execution.
Some characters are benevolent while others villainous.
Some are attached to falseness, others are caught up in the limelight and the fame.
Some are lovers....true lovers are the greatest actors of all time. They leave their mark and are remembered forever.
We are all bound by this script, whatever He has written is what is played out.
How fascinating Waheguru is!
Places everyone! Cue the lights, the show is about to begin!


Anonymous said...

Interesting, but what about free will? Sorry I've just had this question for absolutely ages - if everything is already written, what's the point in trying?

I might as well just stay in bed tomorrow and say it was written etc...

DK said...

Whats the point in trying to live life? Why give up that easily? Why not come here and do what u were destined to do?
This post was about the creative aspect of He watches over and cares for all.
He put the fire there...its your choice to either touch it and get burned or recognize the one who created it.
A video about free will, fate and destiny: